Sharing Love and Giving Hope for Indonesia

PT SMI is committed to ensure its presence brings positive and sustainable impacts to all stakeholders, including the community, environment, employees, and the customers. Therefore, PT SMI designs and implements corporate social responsibility programs by involving the surrounding communities to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, participate in environmental conservation initiatives and support the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals.

PT SMI established an organizational structure that specifically handles the management of CSR Programs under the coordination of the Head of the Corporate Secretary Division. PT SMI measures the success of the realization of the CSR Program that is carried out through the implementation of periodic evaluations by taking into account standard parameters on economic, social and environmental aspects.

The CSR activities carried out by PT SMI consist of the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL) with a focus on 7 (seven) types of assistance and CSR activities by involving employee participation called SMI Berbagi.