Partnerships and Community Development Program

PT SMI always considers the importance of its social responsibility programs can guarantee business sustainability in the long term, improve the quality of life of surrounding communities and protect the environment for the benefit of the next generation.

PT SMI implemented a Community Empowerment and Commitment to the Environment program through the activities of the Partnerships and Community Development Program (PKBL), which was carried out under the coordination of the Corporate Secretary Division.

Through the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), each year the shareholders give approval to the PKBL Work Plan and Budget submitted by management.

The GMS also agreed that community empowerment and environmental protection activities should be focused on the Community Development program, especially in the development and maintenance of infrastructure with the following types of assistance:

In implementing the distribution of Community Development CSR assistance, the CSR team verifies the data and/or conducts surveys directly to the recipient’s location. Especially for victims of natural disasters, the CSR team can submit a proposal without having to conduct a survey to the location. This is done considering that the assistance for the proposed natural disaster is in line with the national natural disaster set by the Government.