Press Releases 06 January 2013
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Additional capital 'PMN' PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PERSERO)

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (“PT SMI”) has acquired additional capital from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia c.q. Ministry of Finance through the State Capital Participation ("PMN") on the State Budget Amendment (APBN-P) 2012 with amount of IDR2 trillion. With this additional capital, by the end of December 2012, PT SMI’s total paid up capital has increased to IDR4 trillion. The additional PMN has been approved by the House of Representatives and defined in the Indonesian Government Regulation Number 104/2012 concerning the Addition of the State Capital Participation of the Republic of Indonesia to the PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) Capital Stock. In 2012, PT SMI’s total commitment reached IDR2,221 trillion for infrastructure projects financing in various sectors throughout Indonesia, which valued at IDR16,060 trillion or 7.8 times of multiplier effect. This achievement was one of PT SMI’s efforts in performing its role as a catalyst in accelerating Indonesia’s infrastructure development, through cooperation with third parties as well as giving optimal contribution in order to encourage the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects. In year 2013, in accordance with its role and duties as a State-Owned Infrastructure Financing Company, PT SMI will be participating in financing activities with amount of IDR4,025 trillion from totaling of IDR57 trillion of infrastructure projects.  Compared to 2012, this funding target has increased twice and expected to create a greater multiplier effect. In line with PT SMI’s catalyst role, in 2013 PT SMI will take a broader role through the implementation of 3 (three) business pillars: financing, advisory and project preparation for infrastructure projects in Indonesia. For further information on PT SMI, please contact Ms. Astried Swastika, Corporate Secretary PT SMI through email: corporatesecretary@ptsmi.co.id
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