PT SMI believes that value increment will improve the Company’s performance

TOP GRC Awards 2021 #4 Stars
Infrastructure Innovation Award (Umbulan Project) from CMO Asia, Singapore
Golden Trophy in 8th Infobank BUMN Awards 2017 as a recognition of the PT SMI’s “Very Good” Financial Performance in 5 years consecutively (2012-2016)
Award as a SOE with a “Very Good” Financial Performance during 2016 in the 8th Infobank BUMN Awards 2017
Indonesian World Records Museum Award for the Most Measurements of Height and Weight to the Students in 2017
The Best Bonds 2017 Category of Financial Sector Bonds from Investor Magazine
Runner Up Category of Public Risk in Asean Risk Award 2017
Silver Winner Corporate Branding Category of Corporate Communication in 5th SOEs Branding & Marketing Award 2017
The Best CMO Creative Branding & Marketing Initiative in the 5th SOEs Branding & Marketing Award 2017
Indonesian Appreciation for the SOE 2017: Special Mention for Accelerating Infrastructure Development from Warta Ekonomi
3rd Winner of the Listed SOE Category in Annual Report Award 2016