Events 29 May 2019
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Break Fasting with Ministry of Finance's SMV, Presents Sinergi Membangun Negeri

PT SMI as one of the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (Ministry of Finance's SMV) together with other Ministry of Finance's SMVs such as LMAN, Geo Dipa Energi, PT PII, PT SMF, LPEI, and IIF realize synergy in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1440 Hijrah by holding the Fast Breaking with the Ministry Finance and Ministry of Finance's SMV with the theme "Hadirkan Sinergi Membangun Negeri". The event took place casually opened with interactive entertainment playing angklung together; then continued reading the Qur'an; cultum; activity report from the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Hadiyanto; providing assistance to 20 children representing the Putera Nusa Foundation; and remarks from the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Breaking the fast together is accompanied by the commemoration of Nuzulul Qur'an which is an important event of the descent of the Qur'an to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The event is marked by the first verse which reads "iqra`bismi rabbikallażī khalaq" which means "Read by the name of your Lord who created". Recalling the verse Sri Mulyani Indrawati advised that we must be people who always observe and use our inner and intellectual abilities to understand things. This capability is very important for all Ministry of Finance employees to carry out the task of safeguarding state finances and becoming an institution that has a mission to create a just and prosperous society. In addition, Sri Mulyani Indrawati also motivated all the guests present to collaborate and create better synergy to contribute to the nation and the country. Thank you Ministry of Finance's SMV for the incredible synergy! Hopefully we will all be given the opportunity to meet again with the next Ramadan and become a blessing for all of us.
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