Company Information

PT SMI actively contributes to the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia. As of September 2020, PT SMI has provided financing to the infrastructure sector with a total commitment of IDR 103.9 trillion from only IDR 125 billion at the beginning of the establishment in 2009. The total assets grew significantly from IDR 1.2 trillion in 2009 to IDR 82.1 trillion in September 2020.

Fund Raising Activities
With the large financing needs for infrastructure development in Indonesia, PT SMI magnifies financing capability through leveraging. PT SMI has been actively raising funds by issuing bonds in the capital market and obtain loans from banks. PT SMI has achieved several achievement and gave concrete contribution in the development of capital market, by the issuance of the first Green Bond in Indonesia (2018), the biggest single emission amounting IDR 7.0 trillion (2017), and the biggest total amount of bonds issued amounting IDR 11.9 trillion in Indonesia (2019).

In addition, PT SMI also actively sought alternative funding sources by raising funds from international development agencies to then be channeled to infrastructure projects. At the end of 2016, PT SMI was the first organization from Southeast Asia to be registered as an accredited member in the Green Climate Fund (“GCF”) to gain access to financing for renewable energy projects and climate change.