Financial Highlights

In 2018, the Company successfully booked a Net Profit of IDR 1,531 billion or an increase of 21.0% from 2017 amounting to IDR 1,262 billion. As of December 31, 2018, the total assets grew by 12.0% to IDR 62,500 billion from the previous year. This is driven by the financing and investment performance, wherein the Company recorded financing commitments of IDR 91.8 trillion, an increase of 35.0% from the previous year’s achievement of IDR 67.9 trillion

in Rp millions20182017201620152014dalam Rp juta
Gross profit1.815.2951.534.6941.426.292365.327290.129Laba bruto
Profit (loss)1.531.1101.262.0081.212.803305.389244.663Laba (rugi)
Total comprehensive profit (loss)1.525.7371.728.0041.243.035289.906239.625Total laba (rugi) komprehensif
Profit (loss) per share51.42946.52450.70468.58661.166Laba (rugi) per saham
Total assets62.493.19155.385.89644.332.13732.714.2769.169.500Jumlah aset
Total liabilities26.917.30121.064.74313.496.4277.281.6014.383.332Jumlah liabilitas
Total equity35.575.89034.321.15330.835.71025.432.6754.786.169Jumlah ekuitas
Profit (loss) to total assets ratio2,45%2,36%3,01%2,47%2,67%Rasio laba (rugi) terhadap jumlah aset
Profit (loss) to equity ratio4,50%4,06%4,75%6,40%5,39%Rasio laba (rugi) terhadap ekuitas
Profit (loss) to earnings ratio40,18%41,61%55,67%42,45%42,82%Rasio laba (rugi) terhadap pendapatan
Current ratio3,477,8149,6514,6911,78Rasio Lancar
Liabilities to equity ratio75,66%61,38%43,77%28,63%91,58%Rasio liabilitas terhadap ekuitas
Liabilities to total assets ratio43,07%38,03%30,44%22,26%47,80%Rasio liabilitas terhadap jumlah aset