Financial Highlights

In 2018, the Company successfully booked a Net Profit of IDR 1,531 billion or an increase of 21.0% from 2017 amounting to IDR 1,262 billion. As of December 31, 2018, the total assets grew by 12.0% to IDR 62,500 billion from the previous year. This is driven by the financing and investment performance, wherein the Company recorded financing commitments of IDR 91.8 trillion, an increase of 35.0% from the previous year’s achievement of IDR 67.9 trillion

Total Assets9,169 B32,714 B44,332 B55,385 B62,500 B
Total Equity4,786 B25,433 B30,836 B34,321 B35,576 B
Financing Outstanding4,264 B17,159 B30,442 B35,873 B49,205 B
Financing Commitment5,577 B23,004 B44,896 B67,874 B91,795 B
Total Revenue598 Mil744 Mil2,329 Mil3,155 Mil4,008 Mil
Net Profit245 Mil305 Mil1,213 Mil1,262 Mil1,531 Mil
Corporate RatingAA+/StableAA+/StableAAA/StableAAA/StableAAA/Stable