RIDF Projects 07 December 2022
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Continuation of Solok City Hospital Development

Regional Government
Solok City Government
West Sumatera
Continuation of Solok City Hospital Development
Loan Ceiling Value
5 Years
Procurement Phase

In accordance with the Solok City Long-Term Development Plan (RPJPD) 2005-2025 as outlined in Solok City Regional Regulation Number 1 of 2010 and Solok City Regional Regulation Number 3 of 2016 concerning Solok City Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2017- 2021, where the establishment of the Solok City Regional Hospital is a Priority Program that must be realized. Hospitals that were established aim to facilitate public access to health services, provide protection for the safety of patients, society, the hospital environment and human resources at hospitals, improve quality and maintain hospital service standards, provide legal certainty to patients, the community, hospital human resources, and hospitals. Based on the KAK for the construction of the Solok City Hospital, the scope of activities is as follows:

  1. Building D (CSSD and Surgery Building)
  2. Building F (Inpatient Building)
  3. Power House, Water Tank, and Hydrant buildings
  4. Ramp and Hallway Building
  5. Inter-Building Aisles
  6. Utility Work (including Incinerator, WWTP and Genset)
  7. SMK3 work
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