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Contract Award Notice: Environmental Specialist to Support the Implementation of Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)

Date : 2021-10-05 - 2021-10-05
Status : Close/Tutup

Assignment Title: Individual Consultant: Environmental Specialist to Support the Implementation of Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) Country: Indonenesia Project ID: TF0A3871 Awarded Consultant: Rahayu Ningtyas Date of Contract: November 5, 2018 Contract Amount: IDR 480.000.000,-(incl. tax) Scope of Work: Generally, the Consultant’s scope of work is to extend support and Technical Assistance (TA) for SG, includes administering and implementing-related activities fall under by PT SMI includes—but not limited to-as follows:
  1. Collaborate with PT SMI and Bank’s team to assort TA for SGs working plan notably with environmental safeguard;
  2. Assisting SG in data provision and reviewing the environmental assessment documents such as AMDAL, UPL-UKL, and SPPL;
  3. Intensively facilitate and assisting SG while preparing environmental assessment documents (correspond to their needs) and ensure that the documents and process are comply with RIDF’s ESMF;
  4. Provide assistance to SG on preparing standard operating procedures for being use in the project’s implementation build upon relevant environmental policy or regulations for which ESMF RIDF are take into consideration;
  5. Assisting SG to evaluate the environmental impact arise from project’s construction and evaluating environmental risk related to earthquake, landslide, erosion, or any other catastrophes;
  6. Provide coaching on study-case basis and assisting SG to ensure the project is fully comply with the ESMF RIDF framework;
  7. Provide assistance to SG including local community to increase awareness on environmental issues;
  8. Provide assistance to SG during the environmental preliminary study (if needed) and other particular study such as waste management;
  9. Facilitating SG and PT SMI to commit coordination with other consultants such as Detail Engineering Design’s Consultant, Constructor for bidding document, and any other relevant stakeholders such as local environmental agency (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup/DLH);
  10. Assisting SG on conducting the whole process or stages of RIDF related to environmental safeguard aspects;
  11. Coordinating with PT SMI team on performing the output’s quality control or other reports relevant to environmental safeguard aspects;
  12. Coordinating with PT SMI team in producing reports for internal and external use correspond to PT SMI’s internal procedures;
  13. Supporting ad-hoc tasks as required by PT SMI’s team related to RIDF; and
  14. Willing to be placed anywhere particularly where the RIDF project is located at the agreed period.

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