Shelf Registration Bond I: Obligasi Berkelanjutan I Sarana Multi Infrastruktur

PT SMI obtained a Shelf Registration Bond with a total facility amounting IDR 30 trillion in 2016, from which PT SMI issued 3 stages of bonds.

The bonds issued received demand from both domestic and foreign investors, especially from banking, pension fund institutions and insurance. This represents that investor confidence in PT SMI's credibility in implementing it’s function as an intermediary that can also mobilize bilateral (banking, pension fund institutions and insurance) and multilateral funds for national infrastructure development has been proven and is well underway.

The stage II issuance amounting IDR 7 trillion is one of the biggest single issuance emission in Indonesia. It was also oversubscribed by domestic and foreign investors. The success of this bond was also marked by the 30% ownership by foreign investors which is considered high for a corporate bond, close to Government Bonds with a foreign portion of 39%.

Stage I – 2016

Description Value Tenor Coupon Maturity Rating
Tranche A Rp2.,- 3 years 7,85% 18 November 2019 idAAA
Tranche B Rp1.328.000.000.000,- 5 years 8,20% 18 November 2021 idAAA
Tranche C Rp700.000.000.000,- 10 years 8,65% 18 November 2026 idAAA
Tranche D Rp674.000.000.000,- 15 years 8,90% 18 November 2031 idAAA

Stage II – 2017

Description Value Tenor Coupon Maturity Rating
Tranche A Rp1.,- 1 year 6,15% 25 November 2018 idAAA
Tranche B Rp4.455.000.000.000,- 3 years 7,40% 15 November 2020 idAAA
Tranche C Rp1.345.000.000.000,- 5 years 7,60% 15 November 2022 idAAA

Stage III – 2018

Description Value Tenor Coupon Maturity Rating
Tranche A Rp846.000.000.000,- 370 days 8,20% 14 December 2019 idAAA
Tranche B Rp199.250.000.000,- 3 years 8,70% 4 December2021 idAAA