Corporate Social Responsibility

PT SMI has a strict non-affiliation and non-family policy for every board member and stakeholder to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest, in the notion of maintaining the highest degree of professional integrity and accountability in every role and duty. 

Devoted to ensuring beneficial reaps for the community and environment by attaining Global Sustainable Development Goals, PT SMI makes it its mission to continually cultivate strong relationships, provides community enrichment, and maintain an eco-sustainable mentality in every work. 

With this in mind, PT SMI has crafted a well-thought-out CSR program under the specialised Corporate Secretary Division oversight on the implementation and calculated impact on economic, social, and environmental parameters that are monitored and evaluated at all times. 

Sharing Love and Giving Hope for Indonesia

CSR Stories

Community inclusivity and enrichment is central to PT SMI, the CSR program is carried out through PT SMI's Partnership and Community Development Program... Read more