Events 29 March 2019
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Dasabakti PT SMI 2019 – Semangat Membangun Indonesia: PT SMI Synergizes with Stakeholders for 10 Years to Accelerate Infrastructure Development

PT SMI as one of the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (SMV Kemenkeu) appreciates the solid synergy with all stakeholders that has been established for a decade through the Dasabakti PT SMI 2019 – Semangat Membangun Indonesia. For 10 years, the direction and support of Shareholders and all Stakeholders has encouraged PT SMI to realize a project worth Rp1,151.8 trillion to accelerate the development of infrastructure with the insight of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia, where PT SMI supports commercial projects and regional governments worth Rp553.6 trillion through the Financing & Investment pillar, supporting the project (14 PPP & 1 non-PPP assignments) worth Rp51.6 trillion through the Project Development pillar, and through the Advisory Services pillar supporting 46 projects worth Rp566.6 trillion. At this event, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati & Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan attended & appreciated the performance of PT SMI. The Minister of Finance stated, "I am very proud and grateful that PT SMI is one of the few institutions capable of translating this idea into reality". In addition, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs also appreciated the performance of PT SMI, "I am very proud, we have PT SMI and will continue to work closely with PT SMI who is very professional". For a decade serving in the country, PT SMI was able to carry out its function as a fiscal tool. Through a variety of creative innovations & infrastructure financing products, PT SMI further strengthened its steps to continue to grow and develop rapidly in carrying out the Ministry of Finance's mandate as a Shareholder. This shows that PT SMI has a strong foundation for sustainable growth to develop Indonesia.
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