events     June 3, 2020

SMIers Meet Up with Management: Halal Bihalal and Town Hall Meeting Q1-Q2

On Tuesday (02/06), PT SMI held SMIers Meet Up with Management using video conferencing technology hat was first performed in the Work from Home (WfH) condition. This event was a Halal Bihalal and Town Hall Meeting Q1-Q2 involving all Directors of PT SMI and SMIers (employees of PT SMI). It was also used to greet SMIers after working for a long time from home, and to introduce Ms. Sylvi J. Gani as Director of Financing and Investment of PT SMI.

As usual, this event was also attended by the guest speaker of a clinical psychologist, namely Tara de Thouars , which discusses positive thinking to maintain the enthusiasm and mentality of SMIers work.

Through this activity, SMIers are encouraged to be more productive in their work and continue to innovate in facing challenges in the time and post pandemic so that PT SMI can always contribute optimally to the progress of Indonesia.

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