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Expression of Interest Evaluation Result Notice: Consulting Services for DED of Public Hospital Construction Project

Date : 2021-10-05 - 2021-10-05
Status : Close/Tutup

Assignment Title: Consulting Services for Detailed Engineering Design (DED) of Public Hospital Construction Project Country: Indonesia Project IDE: TF0A3871

Result of EOI Evaluation

Based on our evaluation from EOIs received and compared with the requirement as described on Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), we are pleased to announce top three firm who gain highest score on EOI evaluation.
Firm Address Rank
Pandu Persada, PT Jl. Soma No. 15 Kota Bandung Jawa Barat 40281 1st
Patroon Arsindo, PT KSO Global Rancang Selaras, PT Gd. Tamansari Hive Office Lantai 9, Jl. DI Panjaitan Kav 2 Cawang Jakarta 13340 2nd
Terasis Erojaya, PT Jl. Hangtuah Raya No. 26 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12120 3rd


The ultimate objective of the Services is to obtain Detailed Budget Plan (RAB) or Engineering Estimate (EE). Such documents will be required as one of the contractor bidding’s documents for the Subnationak Government (Pemda) to deliver the Project’s design on satisfactory in terms of quality, timeliness, feasibility, and documentation.

Contract Type

Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC)

Duration of IDC

Until June 30, 2019 ("Closing Date") in accordance with the termination of the Grant Agreement between International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or for a maximum of 12 (twelve) months, starting from the date of this announcement. If the duration of IDC falls to expire according to the Closing Date, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) will publicly announce such termination through the website.

Indicated Minimum Placing Order

Three (3)

Scope of Work

Generic Term of Reference (TOR) expressing scope of work can be access here (written in Bahasa).

Next Step

A Request for Proposal (RfP) accompanied by a specific TOR will be sent to PT Pandu Persada, a designated 1st rank firm. Furthermore, an evaluation of the technical proposal yet clarification and negotiation of the commercial aspect is carried out. If the negotiations fail, or the 1st rank decides to draw back, then the RfP will be sent by the SMI to the 2nd rank firm on the shortlist, and so forth.

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