Events 21 July 2015
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Fun Ramadhan with PT SMI

Jakarta, 8 July 2015. Fajri (8 years old) laughed loudly while he was watching musical story telling at PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur’s (Persero) (“PT SMI”) office. He and other 29 children from Choirun Nissa Orphanage, Manggarai had been invited to have a break fasting program at PT SMI office. Prior to the sermon which was delivered by Ustad Budi Zulkarnaen, Fajri and his friends were entertained by Kids Science Club performing a mini opera on an Islmic story. Hence, PT SMI’s employees were also very enthusiast in welcoming the little friends in our office. Right after The Maghrib praying time, all our little friends together with PT SMI’s commissioners, directors, audit committee and employees enjoyed and shared iftar and evening meals. Their sincerity and warm smile had made the break fasting event be more colorful. At the end of the program, we handed Rp26 millions as our donation for Choirun Nissa Orphanage’s operation. The donation was derived from the profit of the Ramadhan Bazaar conducted by  PT SMI’s employees on 3 July 2015.
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