Audit Committee

The Board of Commissioners established Audit Committee by the Board of Commissioners Decree. In performing its duties the Audit Committee refers to the Audit Committee Charter.

The charter includes the composition of the members, requirements for membership including competency requirements and independency, authority, duties and responsibilities, work procedures and reporting.

Duties and Responsibilities of Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Commissioners in carrying out its supervisory duties of the Company.

Appointment and Dismissal & Composition of the Audit Committee

The composition of the Audit Committee members is at least 3 members where the Chairman of Audit Committee is an Independent Commissioner, while the Members come from the Company’s external parties. The Audit Committee is appointed and terminated by the Company’s Board of Commissioners.

NamePositionTerms of MembershipTerms Completion
Sukatmo Padmosukarso
Chairman of Audit Committee
June 2016July 2019
Akbar AnwarMemberOctober 2017October 2020
Agustinus Nicholas L. TobingMemberMay 2018May 2021