Events 23 January 2012
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Indonesia Infrastructure Outlook 2012

Indonesian economic outlook is showing a positive trend and expected to continue in 2012. Year 2012 is also designated as the Indonesian Infrastructure Year and PT SMI responded this positive trend by organizing a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with mass media on "Indonesia Infrastructure Outlook 2012" last Thursday, January 19, 2012 at PT SMI’s office. The event was attended by representatives from various national media. Emma Sri Martini, President Director of PT SMI, and Latif Adam, Economic Researcher of LIPI, were the keynote speakers in this FGD. Latif Adam delivered his view on the Indonesian infrastructure outlook from national budgeting aspect and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) as an alternative source of financing. Furthermore, Emma Sri Martini described the implementation of PPP in Indonesia and how PT SMI would like to participate actively in its role as an Infrastructure Financing Company. Seen in the picture, the keynote speakers were discussing one question from the participants on which infrastructure projects should be prioritized in achieving the economic growth target of 6.5% in 2012. Presentasi Bpk. Latif Adam LIPI_Indonesia's Infrastructure Outlook 2012 Presentasi Ibu Emma Sri Martini Infrastructure Outlook FGD PT SMI
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