Events 28 July 2020
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Investor Company Update Q2 2020 - PT SMI

PT SMI always tries to maintain trust and build relationships with investors. In the current pandemic due to Covid-19, PT SMI continues to provide performance updates for the first half of 2020 and strategies for dealing with the current pandemic impact, including strategies to fulfill PT SMI's obligations to investors virtually (21/7). The large amount of funding needed for infrastructure development requires optimizing various sources of funding, whether through banks, capital markets, or other forms of funding. In utilizing the capital market, SMI has an active role including:
  • publishing of the SMInfra18 Index,
  • issuance of bonds with the largest amount (Rp7 trillion) in one issuance in 2017, and
  • the first Green Bond issuance in Indonesia in 2018.
In 2019, PT SMI became the largest issuer of corporate bonds with a total emission value of Rp11.9 trillion. This is a form of investor confidence in the infrastructure sector and PT SMI.
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