Events 06 May 2019
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Ministry of Finance's SMV Synergy Supports the Realization of Connectivity of 149,400 Public Service Points

The Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (Ministry of Finance's SMV) namely PT SMI and PT PII work together to support the Ministry of Communication and Information and BAKTI to realize Multifunctional Satellite/the Republic of Indonesia's Satellite project ("SATRIA"). SATRIA is one of the National Strategic Projects implemented through the Public–Private Partnership scheme (PPP) with Availability Payment patterns for the 15-year concession period. The benefit of this scheme is that the Government can reduce the burden on the state budget and increase the interest of private investment. PT SMI as Lead Transaction Advisor has successfully escorted the project starting from Final Business Case preparation, preparation of auction documentation, and transaction assistance to the determination of auction winners. This success is a real reflection of the quality of the business pillar Advisory Services of PT SMI in structuring projects that can be welcomed by investors, especially international investors. The SATRIA project is an effort to resolve connectivity issues at 149,400 public service points. It consists of educational facilities, local government, defense and security administration and health facilities in all regions of Indonesia, especially in the 3T (Left Behind, Leading, and Outermost) and border areas that will support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia.
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