news     April 9, 2020

Kartu Prakerja, Assistance Program to Relieve the Impact of COVID-19

In order to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic that was felt for those who lost their jobs or their incomes dropped, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia raised the budget of Kartu Prakerja in the APBN which was originally Rp10 trillion to Rp20 trillion. Kartu Prakerja Program will open registration with a quota of 164 thousand people per week, to target around 5.6 million registrants during 2020.

Kartu Prakerja Program is a competency development and productivity improvement program through the assistance of training costs provided to all Indonesian citizens aged 18 years and over and not in school/college and those directly affected by COVID-19.

The assistance received in this program is Rp3.55 million consisting of Rp1 million in training costs, Rp600 thousand of post-training incentives for 4 months (Rp2.4 million), and Rp50 thousand  in employment survey incentives in 3 times (Rp150 thousand).

The types of training that can be taken in Kartu Prakerja Program in COVID-19 pandemic are online. Digital platforms that have collaborated with Kartu Prakerja Program to date include: Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Skill Academy by Ruangguru, MauBelajarApa, HarukaEdu, PijarMahir, and Sisnaker by Ministry of Manpower.

For #SahabatInfra who wish to register for Kartu Prakerja Program, can directly visit the official website at to register by preparing information such as personal data, NIK, cellphone number, e-mail and so on. According to a press release posted on their website, registration will begin on Saturday, April 11, 2020.

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