news     March 3, 2020

Message from the Minister of Finance at PT SMI 11th Anniversary: Solutive and brave to prepare infrastructure projects

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati asked PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Persero (PT SMI) to use its experience to diagnose and provide solutions to the needs or lack of infrastructure financing in this country. This was conveyed at the 11th anniversary of PT SMI at the Sahid Sudirman Center Jakarta.

“I want PT SMI with 11 years of experience to continue diagnosing those needs, the deficiencies, and how you are the one that provides solutions, from financing, technical assistant, until you prepare for projects for them,” said the Minister.

Furthermore, Minister of Finance asked PT SMI to think in a macro manner by analyzing the state budget. The Minister of Finance compares the results issued when channeling the same budget to PT SMI with the Ministry/Institution (K/L).

“I want PT SMI to make high benchmarks because later I can tell the other ministers, if I put it in PT SMI 1 trillion, it turns out that it can produce faster, better, and safer and even the money goes back to me, “Said the Minister of Finance.

Furthermore, the Minister hopes that instrument innovation will continue to be carried out, both conventional and Islamic, because the need for more infrastructure financing. In addition, PT SMI is also expected to take risks if there is a Regional Government (Pemda) that reforms minded but the project is on the border.

“Don’t let you find any good project, but because you don’t dare to take it because the gap is too big then he doesn’t work,” he ordered.

Finally, the Minister of Finance wants PT SMI’s employees to remain enthusiastic, confident that they have done good for the country, and continue to strengthen their reputation so that PT SMI can become an international landscape.

Meanwhile, PT SMI Director Edwin Syahruzad on the occasion revealed the performance of PT SMI for eleven years which was considered positive. Finally, PT SMI provided loans in the form of a standby facility amounting to IDR 150 billion to PT Semesta Marga Raya (SMR), the Kanci-Pejagan toll road concession holder.

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