news     February 29, 2020

SMI provided a loan of IDR 285 billion for infrastructure in West Bandung Regency

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or PT SMI agreed to disburse IDR 285 billion in loan funds to help road infrastructure projects in the West Bandung Regency (KBB) in the southern region.

The loan period is set for three years with an interest rate of 6.26 percent. The total installments to be paid by the West Bandung Regency in one year is IDR 95 billion.

Director of PT SMI, Darwin Trisna Djajawinata said, the interest given to the KBB is the smallest interest compared to 63 regions that have made loans. That refers to the formula for calculating interest according to the Ministry of Finance Regulation, which sums up the value of 0.75 percent mined securities.

“There is a formula. The three-year loan facility is equated with the Republic of Indonesia’s debt securities, added 0.75 percent. Incidentally our three-year securities are closed at 5.7 percent today, so if you add 0.75, that’s about that much,” he said. Darwin while attending the signing of regional loans in Ngamprah, KBB, Friday (28/2).

According to Darwin, the Regional Government of West Bandung was the first area in West Java to make loans to SMI. KBB was appointed because it has a commitment and great potential to be able to repay loans. From a number of potentials, even KBB can make even bigger loans.

“There are several criteria for loan recipients. Specifically KBB, because firstly the commitment, governance, BPK financial audit reports that we have observed for three years, continued regional development plans, and in terms of fiscal capacity are all good,” he added.

It is planned that the billions of rupiah in funds will be split into two large project packages. First, it will be used to improve the Rancapanggung-Cijenuk, Cijenuk-Sarinagen and Sarinagen-Baranangsiang roads, with a total length of 19.9 km. The total budget used is IDR 87 billion.

The second package is the improvement of the Selacau-Cililin, Cililin-Sindangkerta, Sindangkerta-Celak, Celak-Gunung Halu, Bunijaya-Cilangari, and Cilangari-Cisokan roads, with a total road length of 52.37 km. Plus widening the Tajim bridge to 6 meters. The total project is IDR 197 billion.

Meanwhile, West Bandung Regent Aa Umbara Sutisna is optimistic that the road infrastructure project in the southern region will open access to the people’s economy, especially from the tourism sector which is being boosted this year.

He promised that the two big project packages will be auctioned in March. So that the implementation will be completed at the end of 2020.

“That opens access to the southern region for attractions. This year three tourism objects in the southern region will be opened, every year we will open attractions there.

Aa Umbara also believes that SMI’s debt will be completed within 3 years. He will cut PUPR’s official budget every year to pay the principal loan. While the interest, will be paid from the profit of tourist visits.

“3 years must be completed. Later the PU budget will be deducted for payment. If every year IDR 300 billion from the regional budget will be deducted half to pay debts. And this tourist attraction will be projected to pay the interest,” he concluded.


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