April 2, 2019

Construction of the Jelojok Market

Regional Government
Central Lombok Regency

West Nusa Tenggara


Construction of the Jelojok Market

Estimated Total Project Cost

Loan Ceiling Value

5 Years

Jelojok Traditional Market is the largest traditional market in Kopang District, Central Lombok Regency. The number of traders is currently around 391, but the number of traders can be doubled on market days due to seasonal traders. At present, these seasonal traders are accommodated in the area around the market. Besides that, this market is located in a very strategic area, which is located on a provincial road and adjacent to the subterminal. Because it is in a busy traffic lane and is quite crowded, the operation of this market is prone to causing congestion if it is not managed properly. The Central Lombok Regency Government plans to rehabilitate the Jelojok Market so that the market can accommodate a surge in traders on market days and reduce congestion levels.


Documents related to the project

UKL-UPL Document for Jelojok Market Project

Temporary Market RTPP Document – Jelojok Market, Central Lombok

Report on the Implementation of Trader’s Transfer (Old Jelojok Market – Temporary Market)

UKL UPL Report Semester I FY 2019 – Jelojok Market

UKL UPL Report Semester II FY 2019 – Jelojok Market

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