Events 13 July 2019
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Preparing the Right Formula for Quality JKN

Since the 2014 era of the National Health Insurance (JKN) took effect, slowly the community has changed its mindset to want to seek medical treatment from health centers to hospitals. However, unfortunately, this has not been accompanied by the distribution of infrastructure and health services that are evenly distributed throughout Indonesia. This is the background of PT SMI as one of the Special Mission Vehicles of the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance SMV) to hold a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) themed "Access to Health Service Efforts and the Potential of Government and Business Entity Cooperation (PPP) for Balancing Health Infrastructure through Hospital Equity Referral" at the PT SMI Hall (11/07) yesterday. The main speaker in the FGD was the Director of the Ministry of Health's Referral Health Service, dr. Tri Hesty Wisyastoeti. In addition, also attended by representatives from the Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI), the private sector health sector, and academics from Gajah Mada University, the FGD addressed the importance of the role of HR in the health sector as a key to equitable health services and the need for innovative schemes such as PPP in assisting the Government's efforts related to this equity. Through this FGD, it is expected to be able to identify the impact of implementing JKN, challenges, alternative policies that can be spawned, and financing modalities so that health service equity can be realized. Perspectives from various 'business entities' in the health sector are needed to be able to improve the JKN program that has been running and the extent to which the private sector can take a role to work with the Government in supporting the JKN program.
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