News Updates 20 December 2022
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President Director of PT SMI is optimistic that the Indonesian Economy will continue to be in a positive trend and growth will be more even

President Director of PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (SMI) Edwin Syahruzad said that the Indonesian economy this year continues to show a positive trend. Where until the third quarter, Indonesia's economic growth has reached 5.72 percent, and its distribution is also more evenly distributed outside Java.

"Java Island plays a role of 56.3 percent of the Indonesian economy, and has experienced a growth of 5.76 percent, I think this is something we should be grateful for. We also note that quite significant growth has also occurred in certain provinces, especially Maluku and Papua which are the growth has even reached 7.51 percent," he said at the "Indonesia Economic Outlook 2023 Overcoming Economic Challenge Through Sustainability" event, Tuesday (20/12/2022).

According to Edwin, this is a good thing because it shows the strong recovery of the Indonesian economy, although we still have to be wary of global turmoil. "However, we also all understand the issues that appear in the news related to world geopolitical problems that are not yet stable, and the pandemic is also not over for several countries," he said. Thus, it is predicted that global economic challenges will still have a significant impact on the Indonesian economy.

"What's more, the geopolitical conditions in Russia and Ukraine caused disruptions on the supply side, which of course pushed up global commodity and energy prices, namely oil, natural gas, coal, CP, wheat and corn," said Edwin.



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