December 30, 2020

Results of Pre-Qualifications Shortlisted Consultants: Consulting Services to Evaluate the Disbursed Municipal Loan Under the National Economic Recovery Program

December 30th, 2020

Pre-Qualifications Result

No Bidders Country Form of Participation Administrative Evaluation Technical Evaluation Status
Pass/Fail Score (pts) Pass/Fail
1 Virama Karya (Persero), PT Indonesia Single Entity Pass 95.00 Pass Pass
2 Arkonin Engineering MP, PT Indonesia Single Entity Pass 91.00 Pass Pass
3 Yodya Karya (Persero), PT Indonesia Single Entity Pass 88.00 Pass Pass
4 Egis International Indonesia, PT Indonesia Single Entity Pass 74.00 Pass Pass
5 Bina Karya (Persero), PT Indonesia Single Entity Pass 70.00 Pass Pass
6 Wiratman Chodai Indonesia, PT KSO Wiratman, PT Indonesia Joint Venture Fail 61.50 Fail Fail
7 Datum Global Mandiri, PT Indonesia Single Entity Fail 28.00 Fail Fail

Next Stage
Bidders who get a PASS result from the Pre-Qualifications are designated as shortlisted consultants and receive the Indefinite Delivery Contract/Framework Contract.

Other Provisions
The shortlisted consultant is announced at the PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero)’s sole and absolute discretion and we’re not required to provide any explanation regarding this matter.

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