Project Development

As an enabler, PT SMI help ensures infrastructure development projects by facilitating better infrastructure investment projects through the company's development pillars. We do this by coordinating expertise in project preparation and mentoring in improving project governance and conducting project and stakeholder management.

PT SMI promotes and actively encourages the participation of business entities in infrastructure development through the Public Private Partnership scheme. However, PT SMI not only focuses on PPP projects but also helps in facilitating non-PPP projects on infrastructure provision, socialization, and capacity building.

PT SMI project development products are:

PPP PDF through Assignment Mechanism

The financial sector is a massive player in developing countries. However, if a project lacks credibility, it becomes a problem and will have trouble getting financed. This facility aims to change that by providing a solution to create ready-to-financed project pipelines. Furthermore, private investors will be more likely to fund these projects by improving the project preparation in four areas: study credibility, the project structure, the administration system, and transparency in its processes.

The Project Development Facility (PDF) is meant for private-public partnership (PPP) projects. Its assignment starts with the Ministry of Finance, which then assigns it to the project owner or Government Contracting Agency (PJPK) from the central government or local governments.

For further PPPs relating to Government facilities and support, information on PPP projects and articles related to PPPs can be seen at kpbu.kemenkeu.go.id.

Project Development Facility and Donor Fund Management

This type of Project Development Facility (PDF) is aimed at sustainable projects, such as those that promote new energy, renewable energy, and energy conservation (EBTKE). The recipients of this facility are project owners, which typically include the Central Government, Local Government, or private institutions.

The purpose of this facility is to prepare and finance EBTKE projects. We intend to produce feasible and bankable projects for sustainable development.

Technical Assistance and Donor Fund Management

PT SMI can provide a wide range of technical assistance of any size, including project assistance, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, supporting documents, detailed designs, transaction advisory, and more. The recipients of this PDF are Government bodies, which may include both Central and Local Governments as project owners or Government Contracting Agencies.

Training and Capacity Building

PT SMI offers a variety of capacity building and training programs, including: 

  • Alternative Financing for Local Governments 

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced PPP Training Programs 

  • Customized Capacity Building and Training Programs such as; Potential Investment in the Water Supply Sector, Investments in the Hospital Sector, Project Finance, Alternative Financing in Infrastructure, and others.