Business Strategy

Realization of an infrastructure establishment needs comprehensive and rigid preparation. Through our expertise, We help you to make it happens effectively.

The strategic business plan serves as a guideline for the future direction of the Company’s to ensure a continuous contribution towards Indonesia’s infrastructure development

Long Term Planning 2009-2013

During its first 5 years (2009-2013), the Company has successfully completed the first phase of its business development to “Building a Strong Corporate Foundation”, with the following development focus:

  • Exercising intensive capacity development programs
  • Developing the Company’s business processes
  • Building market trust through well-diversified financing portfolio, and
  • Promoting risk sensitive corporate culture.

Long Term Business Plan 2014-2018

Entering its second phase target of “Developing the Company’s Business through multi-services in infrastructure sector”, the Company reaffirms its Vision, Mission, Corporate Values, Five Corporate Development Focus and Quantitative Targets, which serve as a basis in developing the Company’s working programs for the next five years.

Five Corporate Development Focus:

Strengthening the Company’s Three Business Pillars.

Strengthening the Company’s three business pillars (Financing & Investment, Advisory Services and Project Development) to serve its role as catalyst in Indonesia’s infrastructure development through Public-Private Partnership programs

Leveraging Strategy

To pursue fund raising opportunities as alternative source of funds to support the strengthening of its three business pillars, in particular business activities in infrastructure financing and investment.

Product Library Development

Continue developing product variants that meet the needs of Indonesia’s infrastructure development.

Business Process Enhancements

Enhancing business process to continue implementing good corporate governance and delivering better service to customers.

PPP showcase projects

Be equipped to implement other potential roles in the Government’s PPP programs

The launching of advisory services as the Company’s third business pillar complementing its existing businesses in project financing and project preparation, enabling the Company to offer a more complete solution to the market.

The Company received a National Long Term Rating of ‘AA(idn)’ with Stable Outloook from Fitch Ratings, an evidence of market confidence to the Company and the prospect of Indonesia’s infrastructure sector.