Events 31 October 2019
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PT SMI held a talk show named NGOPI - Ngobrol Pembangunan Indonesia

At present the global economic conditions are experiencing dynamics that have an impact on the Indonesian economy. Various efforts have been strengthened by the Government & Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, to provide direction and mandate to PT SMI; one of the Ministry of Finance's SMV to continue to boost infrastructure development and investment as a strategy to avoid an economic recession in Indonesia. In carrying out its mandate, PT SMI always needs support and collaboration with stakeholders to jointly increase national development growth. As a venue for brainstorming as well as getting input from economic experts related to world economic projections and their impact, PT SMI held a talkshow discussion with the headline NGOPI “Ngobrolin Pembangunan Indonesia”: Indonesia's Economic Outlook - 2019 Evaluation and 2020 Projection, located at The Maj, Senayan , Jakarta (10/30). Economist, Chatib Basri and Chancellor of the University of Indonesia, Ari Kuncoro who were the speakers at this NGOPI event, argued that with limited capital and human resources, the Government did not have to deploy all sectors simultaneously; prioritized certain sectors according to our capital and human resource capabilities. In addition, strengthening the national economy amid the threat of global recession can also be done by maintaining the stability of the purchasing power of the Indonesian people. This step is considered the most suitable for short-term schemes. Improving the quality of education also needs to be emphasized more so that it can produce superior human resources in line with the Government's vision for the next five years.
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