News Updates 14 December 2022
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PT SMI Opens an EBT Financing Scheme

PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (SMI) was appointed by the Government as a country platform manager through Minister of Finance Decree Number 275 of 2022 whose task is to manage energy transition funding in Indonesia.

President Director of PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) Edwin Syahruzad said that the issue of climate change is an important agenda that needs attention. So collaboration is needed to overcome this global issue. To overcome this problem is to create financial products that are inclusive and sustainable.

Regarding the implementation of sustainable financing, PT SMI is entering into a more complex field of climate finance to support the government's role in reducing carbon emissions. This is considering that the need for funding to achieve emission reduction targets in accordance with Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) is very large.

"In the early stages of climate financing, it starts with assisting the transition phase through financing the energy transition as financing that aims to facilitate the energy transition in the accelerated phase through the energy transition mechanism (ETM) platform," Edwin said some time ago.

The ETM platform can assist at this stage, as an important first step for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Another task of the country platform manager is to work with other parties to create financial instruments with manageable risks to be applied to the energy transition in the electricity sector and to ensure distribution and management mechanisms that can support the accelerated progress of ETM.

PT SMI was appointed by the Government as a country platform manager through Decree of the Minister of Finance Number 275 of 2022 whose task is to manage energy transition funding in Indonesia, which can be sourced from commercial and non-commercial funding sources in a sustainable manner.

The appointment of PT SMI as the country platform manager was carried out in the framework of providing government fiscal support for the funding framework and financing of the national energy transition. As a country platform manager, PT SMI will integrate fiscal support with other financing sources to accelerate the energy transition in the electricity sector in Indonesia.

The company, which was founded on February 26 2009, before being appointed as Country Platform Manager for ETM, PT SMI has also been active in carrying out sustainable financing with a total financing commitment of US$480 million to finance the development of new renewable energy projects in Indonesia, including; hydropower, solar PV, wind power, biomass and geothermal power projects.

Furthermore, Edwin explained, in 2018, PT SMI had also assumed the mandate to manage the SGD Indonesia One ("SIO") Platform, which is a blended finance platform that mobilizes funding from various multilateral and philanthropic organizations and has been successful. received commitments worth US$3.19 billion to support infrastructure development oriented towards SDGs 2030. In the same year, PT SMI also issued green bonds whose funds were used to finance green projects in Indonesia.

"So we are also open to private developers by fulfilling certain requirements from us. Among other renewable energy sources, PT SMI funds the most hydro projects. We are also trusted to fund Government Drilling projects through the Geothermal Sector Infrastructure Financing (PISP) program," he said.



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