Events 03 August 2020
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PT SMI Received Two Awards from TOP CSR Awards 2020

PT SMI as Special Mission Vehicle (SMV) under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance, won two awards at the TOP CSR Awards 2020 event organized by Top Business magazine (28/07). Two categories won by PT SMI were the TOP CSR Awards 2020 category for the Company and the TOP Leader on CSR Commitment 2020 category given to the President Director of PT SMI, Edwin Syahruzad. The theme of the TOP CSR Awards 2020 is the Strategic Role of CSR in National Economic Recovery (PEN) in the New Normal Era. This is in line with PT SMI's central role through PT SMI's CSR activities related to handling the impact of Covid-19 which is focused on optimizing assistance to areas that are socially and economically affected. The TOP CSR Award 2020 is at the same time the best appreciation for PT SMI as a company that always puts forward aspects of social responsibility to become a driver of sustainable national development that is reliable, professional, and prioritizes the benefit of society, especially in social, environmental and economic aspects.
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