Events 17 March 2021
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PT SMI Shares Insights on Sustainable Financing

Local governments also play a strategic role in supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia. Therefore, the Institute for Essential Services Reform @iesr.id which is a research institute (think-tank) in the field of energy and environment in Indonesia, in collaboration with the British Embassy Jakarta @ukinindonesia held a workshop entitled "Introduction to Sustainable Finance dan Regional Bond to Support Sustainable Development in Indonesia ”(10/03). PT SMI was represented by the Director of Operations and Finance - Darwin T. Djajawinata, as one of the speakers for the activity, giving an explanation about the strategic role of PT SMI in supporting sustainable development in Indonesia. In his presentation, it was stated that PT SMI has made various kinds of innovations, including:
  1. Support for local government financing products for the implementation of sustainable development;
  2. Development of blended finance facilities through the SDG Indonesia One (SIO) platform to support project preparation and financing in the sustainable sector;
  3. Funding innovation through the issuance of the first Corporate Green Bond in Indonesia.
PT SMI hopes that this workshop can become a means of socialization to local governments in utilizing various alternative sources of funding to support sustainable development.
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