Events 27 February 2021
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PT SMI's 12th Anniversary Celebration, #SinergiMemulihkanNegeri

The celebration of PT SMI's 12th Anniversary, which carries the hashtag #SinergiMemulihanNegeri, has become the momentum of offering 12 years of PT SMI's journey in working to build the country. Even though the activities had to be carried out virtually, this did not reduce the enthusiasm, intimacy and togetherness of all PT SMI personnel with the invited guests who were pleased to attend. The Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati attended this activity and gave appreciation for the achievements and performance that had been given by PT SMI. She gave direction that PT SMI should be able to continue to collaborate with various other institutions to support each other in Indonesia's development. In addition, PT SMI must be an adaptive institution and be able to take into account the digitalization aspects of its business processes. In order for the function of a Development Institution to be more optimal, improving the quality of human resources and strengthening research to continue to support development must be carried out. This event was attended by Echelon I and other Echelon Officials at the Ministry of Finance, the Board of Commissioners, the Sharia Supervisory Board, the BOC's Organs, Directors, representatives of Special Mission Vehicles (SMV), Former Board of Commissioners and Directors of PT SMI and SMIers (PT SMI Employees). In the future, PT SMI will always be ready to work together with various parties to encourage development progress in Indonesia.
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