Events 26 May 2022
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PT SMI's participation in the 2nd Development Working Group (DWG) Meeting

PT SMI participated in a series of activities for the G20 Indonesia Presidency: 2nd Development Working Group (DWG) Meeting organized by the Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia/National Development Planning Agency, on side event 2 with the theme “Scale-up Blended Finance and Private Finance to Reach the Last Mile” (23/5). In the meeting, PT SMI's Director of Public Financing & Project Development - Faaris Pranawa, explained the role of PT SMI in running a blended finance scheme and private financing in accelerating national development.

On this occasion, in particular, it is also explained related to Indonesia's experience in the context of policies that have implemented blended finance principles, namely in the implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and the implementation of best practice blended finance through the SDG Indonesia One (SIO) platform managed by PT SMI, as well as how the SDG Indonesia One (SIO) platform established by PT SMI in 2018 can help reduce the financing gap for SDGs-oriented development in Indonesia.

PT SMI's participation in the 2nd DWG meeting is expected to provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of how blended finance can be a strategic approach for developing countries to mobilize more funding support from various parties for the achievement of the SDGs.

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