Press Releases 06 May 2014
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Public Expose Obligasi I Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Year 2014

JAKARTA, 7 May 2014 – PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (“PT SMI”) today, Wednesday 7 May 2014, holddue diligence meeting & public expose in regards of Public Offering of Obligasi I PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Year 2014 worth as much as Rp1,000,000,000,000,- (one trillion rupiah). This is the first bond issued by PT SMI that will support the business development of PT SMI that is carrying the mandate from the Government as a catalyst in the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia. In the bond issuance of PT SMI, acting as a trustee agent is PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. Whereas, the emission underwriters consist of PT CIMB Securities Indonesia, PT Danareksa Sekuritas, PT Indo Premier Securities, PT Mandiri Sekuritas. The debt securities named Obligasi I Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Year 2014 will start its initial offering on 7-20 May 2014, then it is expected to obtain effective from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) on 3 June 2014, the estimated date of allocation is on 9 June 2014 and listing in Indonesia Stock Exchange on 12 June 2014. There are two tenors of the bond, 3 (three) years and 5 (five) years. The coupon offered for series A is in the range of 9.25% – 10% and series B in the range of 9.75% – 10.50%. This bond has obtained AA+ investment rating from Pefindo. PT SMI currently has ‘idAA+’ corporate rating from Pefindo. Fitch Ratings has also given ratings ‘AA+(idn)’/Stable for National Long Term Rating and BBB-(idn)/Stable for international rating or equal to sovereign rating. “This is the first bond issued by PT SMI to support the national infrastructure project financing. To the future, we will make bond as one of the financing options for the Corporation,” said the President Director of PT SMI, Emma Sri Martini. At the moment, the infrastructure project of PT SMI has covered almost all over areas of Indonesia, with variety of diversification sectors in accordance with the provision of PMK No. 100/PMK.010/2009 Year 2009 concerning Infrastructure Financing Company. Until the end of 2013, PT SMI has given a total financing commitment for Rp4.47 trillion for a total project cost of Rp38.89 trillion with a multiplier effect of 8.7 times. During the five-year operational, the biggest financing by PT SMI is in electricity sector with the portion of 39% from the total financing followed by oil and gas sector, transportation, and telecommunication. “As a catalyst in the infrastructure development, our focus is indeed in infrastructure financing to support the Government programs, either for project built by private party of or project by State-Owned Enterprise,” added Emma Sri Martini. The Director of Risk Management, Finance and Work Support of PT SMI, Nasrizal Nazir said that PT SMI also has sufficient performance improvement. “The Performance of PT SMI within the last five years is sufficiently impressive with the CAGR growth of the total asset of 79% and equity of 44%. The total asset of PT SMI in 2013 is Rp7.1 trillion, with the total business revenue of Rp424 billion and net profit of Rp207 billion,” explained Nasrizal Nazir. The fund collected through bond issuance will totally be used to finance infrastructure projects in Indonesia. ABOUT PT SARANA MULTI INFRASTRUKTUR (PERSERO) (”PT SMI”) As a catalyst in the acceleration of the infrastructure development in Indonesia, PT SMI was established on 26 February 2009 where 100% of the stocks are owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia under the Ministry of Finance. In the beginning of the establishment, PT SMI carried mandate as an Infrastructure Financing Company (business pillar of Financing & Investment). In the development, it is realized that the infrastructure problems are not only focusing on financing problem, but also related to project preparation process. Therefore, PT SMI proactively expands its business scope to participate in by providing support function in project preparation acceleration through other business pillars, which are Advisory and Project Development. The three business pillars of PT SMI (Financing & Investment, Advisory and Project Development) are expected to give solutions in the infrastructure development in Indonesia. In order to give added value in the infrastructure development, PT SMI always gives effort to increase its capacity through partnership with private party or multilateral institution. One of the efforts to increase the capacity is by improving active participation in the capital market in the infrastructure development. In addition to keep providing financing and project development activities, PT SMI also keeps promoting infrastructure development modality with Public-Private Partnership Scheme (PPP). Through preparation SPAM Umbulan PPP Project, Soekarno Hatta Airport Railway PPP Project and Batam Waste Management PPP Project, PT SMI actively participates in developing PPP projects in Indonesia. www.ptsmi.co.id
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