Events 29 March 2017
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Requests For Pre-Qualification For The Procurement Of Business Entity For Water Supply Public Private Partnership Project in The City Of Bandar Lampung

PDAM Way Rilau of City of Bandar Lampung is pleased to invite local and foreign business entities to participate in the Pre-Qualification For The Procurement Of Business Entity For Water Supply Public Private Partnership Project In The City Of Bandar Lampung (the “Project”). The Project will be implemented under a BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) scheme with cooperation period of 25 (twenty five) years since the Commercial Operation Date. The Project will be carried out in accordance to the Presidential Regulation Number 38 of 2015 regarding Cooperation Between Government and Business Entities in Infrastructure Provision. This Project has obtained the In-principle Approval of Viability Gap Fund (VGF) from the Minister of Finance on January 18th, 2017 and is planned to also be supported with a Government Guarantee from Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF). The estimated investment cost is IDR 700.000.000.000,- (Seven Hundred Billion Rupiah). The Project scope includes the financing, construction, operation and maintenance of water supply systems, covering: 1. raw water intake with capacity of 825 lps; 2. potable water treatment plant with production capacity of 750 lps; 3. ±22 km of Ø 1,000 mm water transmission pipeline; 4. reservoir with capacity of ±10,000 m3; and 5. the development of parts of distribution network with pumping system (primary and secondary distribution network). Interested business entity may collect the RFQ Document on:

Date: March 30 – May 30 2017 (Business Day) Time: 09.00 – 14.00 (Western Indonesia Standard Time) Place: Procurement Committee Secretariat PDAM Way Rilau Office Address: Jl. P. Emir M. Noer No. 11 A, Bandar Lampung City 35215 E-mail: kpbuspam@pdamwayrilau.com Website: www.pdamwayrilau.com

Interested business entity may submit the requirements (stated below) by e-mail, and then submit the original document of such requirements at the address given above. The Procurement Committee will deliver the RFQ document by e-mail upon receipt of the requirements by e-mail. The prospective Participant(s) shall fulfill the following requirements for collecting the RFQ Documents: 1. Submit a copy of the document showing the authorized person to represent the business entity; 2. Submit a Power of Attorney Letter from the authorized person in the business entity (if the document collected through a proxy); 3. The Applicant must show original identification card and submit the copy; 4. The Applicant must submit an Expression of Interest Letter signed by the President Director or other authorized person in the business entity; and 5. The Applicant is not allowed to represent more than one business entity.

Bandar Lampung, March 29, 2017 The Procurement Committee of Business Entity Procurement of Bandar Lampung Bulk Water Supply PPP Project

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