PT SMI is helping regional governments increase the ability to loan money through the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund.


The Objectives of Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)

RIDF is intended to increase access to finance for regional government infrastructure projects through financial intermediaries. Its objectives are: 

  • Regional governments often depend significantly on the central government for finances. The solution is to encourage regional governments on fiscal discipline to help sustain regional infrastructure provision;

  • answering the financing needs of infrastructure development in the region by providing loans ranging from small, medium to large loan sizes;

  • increasing the ability and capacity of local governments to manage loans better by forming a debt management unit and personnel training;

  • overcome local government limitations on financials and expertise for good project preparation by providing the necessary facilities, including the Project Development Fund, to help them with project pipelines and preparation processes;

  • to increase regional capacity in implementing sustainable development through compliance with environmental and social safeguards;

  • produce sustainable financial intermediary.

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