April 2, 2019

Construction of Bauntung Market

Regional Government
Banjarbaru City

South Kalimantan


Construction of Bauntung Market

Estimated Total Project Cost

Loan Ceiling Value

5 Years

In line with the development plans contained in the Banjarbaru City Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) for 2016-2021, one of the Banjarbaru City Government’s development missions is to accelerate infrastructure development to support regional development and build a regional economy based on strategic areas. The strategy to achieve this goal is to build a modern market that is managed. Banjarbaru City Government plans to build Bauntung Market to become more modern in a wider new place.

Bauntung Market is currently located in the middle of the city and is no longer able to accommodate the development of traders, especially street vendors (PKL), so many traders sell on the street. This causes the road which is actually an access road to be closed and cannot be passed by vehicles. According to him, a new market will be built at the Banjarbaru mini sports arena (GOR) located on Jl. RO Ulin which is surrounded by residential areas, education, and offices. The land area of ​​this GOR, which is owned by the City Government, is 3.9 hectares.


Documents related to the project

RKL-RPL Document of the Bauntung Market Project

Andal Document of the Bauntung Market Project

RPP Document of the Bauntung Market Project

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