Events 04 December 2020
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Signing Ceremony of Team Europe Support to PT SMI-EU Blending Projects with KFW and AFD

PT SMI again won the trust of the European Union to receive a grant of EUR 21 million to be channeled through the SDG Indonesia One (SIO) platform which will be used for the development of environmentally sound projects. Support from this strategic partner was realized through the implementation of the "Signing Ceremony of Team Europe Support to PT SMI-EU Blending Projects with KFW and AFD", at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta (02/12). At the ceremony, there were three signing of a cooperation program grant, namely:
  1. The signing of the PT SMI-KfW Grant Agreement worth EUR 16 million by the President Director of PT SMI - Edwin Syahruzad and Director of KfW Jakarta - Angela Tormin.
  2. The signing of the EU-AFD Contribution Agreement by the European Union Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam - Vincent Piket and AFD Indonesia Country Director - Emmanuel Baudran.
  3. The signing of the PT SMI-AFD Grant Agreement worth EUR 5 million by the President Director of PT SMI, Country Director of AFD Indonesia - Emmanuel Baudran, and the French Ambassador to Indonesia, Timor Leste and ASEAN - Olivier Chambard.
The trust of this strategic partner received a positive response from the Director General of State Assets of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia - Mr. Isa Rachmatarwata as shareholder, along with the President Commissioner of PT SMI - Mr. Mahendra Siregar, through his keynote speech. This gives new optimism for the government through PT SMI to achieve the goals of sustainable development in Indonesia.
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