Events 31 March 2021
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Signing of Regional Financing Agreement with Jambi City Government

PT SMI continues to be committed to supporting increased equitable development and infrastructure in various parts of Indonesia. This commitment was shown, one of which was through the signing of Regional Financing Agreement, which was carried out by the Finance & Investment Director of PT SMI - Sylvi J. Gani, with the Mayor of Jambi - Syarif Fasha at the PT SMI Office (27/03). The regional loan proposal that has been approved by PT SMI worth IDR 140 billion, will later be used by the Jambi City Government to increase the development of hospital health facilities, public facilities and infrastructure, road infrastructure, and PDAM in Jambi City which will become the first clean water sector project using the regional financing from PT SMI. Through this support, the community can receive benefits in the form of an increase in the number of beds in RSUD, the construction of 2-floor terminal with an area of ​​3,200m2, pedestrian improvements along 2,793m, and the expansion of PDAM pipeline service coverage to 22.17km2. As a catalyst for infrastructure development in Indonesia, PT SMI hopes that through this loan, the Jambi City Government can improve the quality of local community health, as well as open connectivity and ensure the availability of clean water.
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