Events 04 August 2020
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Signing of the National Economic Recovery Loan Cooperation Agreement with the Regional Government of Banten Province

PT SMI together with the Regional Government of Banten Province has signed the National Economic Recovery Loan Cooperation Agreement (PEN) at PT SMI's office (03/08). The video conference was signed by Edwin Syahruzad (President Director of PT SMI) and Wahidin Halim (Governor of Banten) and attended by Astera Primanto Bhakti (Director General of DJPK Ministry of Finance) and M. Ardian Noervianto (Director General of DJBKD Ministry of Home Affairs). The Provincial Government of Banten is the third regional government, after DKI Jakarta and West Java, which received loans from the Regional PEN program distributed through PT SMI. This loan will be used by the Provincial Government of Banten to finance development in the field of education (public school facilities & infrastructure & special needs), health (program to improve health facility development services), infrastructure (upgrading & opening new roads/bridges to open access to the community and improving the quality of water resources), food security and social infrastructure (improvement/improvement of Unfitable Houses). The process of evaluating program proposals and activities for the Regional PEN is carried out through coordination between relevant agencies, namely the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance (DJPK) of the Ministry of Finance (the process of evaluating compliance with PEN policies and permits for exceeding deficits), the Ministry of Home Affairs (the process of considering the PEN loan application), and PT SMI (the process of evaluating financial aspects and the suitability of programs and activities). PT SMI as a catalyst for national infrastructure development, has played an active role in realizing PEN's goals so that national economic recovery can be realized immediately & provide social, economic & environmental benefits for the people of Indonesia.
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