Events 04 December 2014
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SMI Berbagi celebrated Christmas with Pintu Elok Foundation

On 5th December 2015, PT SMI conducted SMI Berbagi, one of our regular CSR programs which involve active participation from our employees from many levels, which enable the volunteers to share their soft skill and interact directly with the participants. This time, SMI Berbagi which is held regularly every quarter, visited Pintu Elok Orphanage in South Tangerang on 5th December 2014. Pintu Elok Orphanage has been established for more than 18 years, and currently they are accommodating 71 children in the dormitory. It was a nice and joyful moment, the program itself consist of several activities such as, workshop time, fun games, and circle time. In the workshop time, SMI volunteers taught the teens how to make doughnut from sweat potato and how to make salty egg. The workshop aimed to equip the children with soft skill that they can capitalize in future. The children showed high curiosity and each of them join the session enthusiastically. While the teens were busy with the workshop, we also conduct fun games for the younger children. They had Christmas tree decorating contest and gift wrapping competition. The games were very fun and marked wonderful smile on their face. The program was closed with marvelous performance from the children, who are very fluent in playing angklung (traditional music ornament from West Java), guitar, drum, and other music instruments harmoniously. At the end of the program, PT SMI handed sets of daily needs package, stationary package and baby health care products as part of our donation. We were very happy to be able sharing our knowledge and happiness with them. The smiles of each child energized our volunteers and trigger us to do better work for the country.
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