Events 08 November 2012
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SMI Cares

As part of Company’s concern for the needy and also to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),  PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) or PT SMI had launched a CSR Program named “SMI Berbagi” or “SMI Cares”. This program is a continous program especially for the less privileged children through learning fun programs. PT SMI’s employees are becoming volunteers involving directly in soft training programs every 3 months. The first program of SMI Cares was conducted in PKBM Al Falah, TPA Bantar Gebang Bekasi on 9 November 2012. This school is dedicated to the scavenger children in Bantar Gebang. In 2011, PT SMI had donated 2 class rooms to PKBM Al Falah through Program Bina Lingkungan (“Community Development Program”); and SMI Cares continued the program by teaching fun English lesson for 3rd to 6th grade children in one class room and fun Drawing and Coloring for 1st to 2nd grade children in the other class room. In addition to these fun learning activities, PT SMI also donated a flag pole, cleaning tools and goody bags for 199 students. PT SMI expect this event could raise the awareness of sharing as well as helping these children to build their confidence level.
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