NGOPI Podcast

As a Special Mission Vehicle (SMV) under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance, PT SMI always promotes its role as a catalyst to support the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia. Currently, PT SMI has a new communication medium namely NGOPI: Ngobrol Pembangunan Indonesia Podcast version (NGOPI Podcast).

With this NGOPI Podcast, PT SMI can share knowledge and experience related to infrastructure with the wider community in the form of audio-visual recordings. In each edition, certain topics around infrastructure will be determined which will be raised for discussion in each edition of the podcast.

Asik gak sih ngobrolin infrastruktur di podcast?

Edwin Syahruzad & Adriano Qalbi

In this first edition, NGOPI Podcast discusses the role of PT SMI in infrastructure development in Indonesia and discusses about podcast which are currently being used as new media in seeking information and entertainment.