Events 20 May 2020
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Special Mission Vehicles Collaboration feat. Tompi - Optimis Lewat Nada

The world is experiencing an unusual condition because the Covid-19 pandemic affected not only the health, economic and social aspects. The condition of Indonesian society was shaken and many of our brothers needed a helping hand to ensure their survival and family. This year's holy month of Ramadan is also an unusual one. In the month that we should focus on worship and be happy with family, it turns out that many have to lose their jobs and are unable to continue their business. Many of the joys and smiles of our fellow countrymen who began to disappear were erased by tears and untold suffering. Therefore, we, Special Mission Vehicles (SMV) under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance, which consists of PT SMI, PT Geo Dipa Energi, PT IIF, LMAN, LPEI, PT PII, and PT SMF, took the initiative and synergized, joining hands to conduct fundraising actions. funds to help communities affected by Covid-19. This action was carried out through a virtual music concert and in collaboration with Tompi, a singer born in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, who had high love and concern for the social life of his countrymen. This activity also works with Kitabisa.com which helps channel aid to those who really need it. Through this synergy, SMV wants to spread the positive and optimistic spirit to all Indonesian people, and make people aware that we can and are able to rise from the difficult conditions caused by Covid-19 and continue normal life as before. Let's make this a reminder, that goodness knows no difference, that we are one Indonesia. SMIers who want to participate can access https://kitabisa.com/campaign/smvpeduli. #SMVPeduli #GandengTanganBersama #SemangatuntukIndonesia
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