News Updates 11 November 2021
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Sri Mulyani Orders SMI to Strengthen Regional Health Systems

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani ordered PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur or SMI to work together with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and local governments to create health programs in the regions. He issued an order so that the health system in the country can be built properly.

Sri Mulyani also stated that she gave the order because many world health experts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic will not be the last disease outbreak. Another pandemic in the future is still possible.

Therefore, he stressed the importance of the world in preparing itself well to face pandemics in the future. He said at a meeting of the G20 countries some time ago, readiness to face a global pandemic had been discussed.

"Not just building hospitals, but making programs so that the ability of local governments to basic health services can become a reliable health system, detect early and prevent transmission," Sri Mulyani in the Indonesia Sustainable Development Day 2021 webinar, Wednesday (10/11) .

He also highlighted a number of cases of diseases that are still a scourge for the health service sector in Indonesia, such as maternal mortality during childbirth, stunting, to tuberculosis.

As the G20 2022 Presidency, Sri Mulyani said the Indonesian government would discuss the readiness of world countries to face pandemics in the future. Preparations that can be made include the structure, governance, and funding of the health sector.

He said that readiness to face a pandemic was important to discuss because world institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to the World Bank (WB) he assessed were still working separately.

This condition made the world's response to the Covid pandemic yesterday very slow.

In addition to readiness, he also encouraged every country to have equal access to vaccines. Because until now there are still countries with vaccine percentages below 5 percent of the total population.

"If there are countries that have not been vaccinated, this virus will be able to mutate and survive. So Covid-19 as a pandemic will not end as long as all countries have not been able to achieve herd immunity. That is an incredibly important lesson," he concluded.


Source: cnnindonesia.com

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