News Updates 20 June 2022
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Sustainable Development: Definition, Concepts, and Goals

Do you know what is meant by sustainable development? If not, please read this article to the end! If you look at the current development continues every day. Thanks advanced technology can accelerate development. However, it would be better if the development still pays attention to the balance between needs and environmental resilience. But do you know what sustainable development is and what is its goal? So, so that you know more about sustainable development in detail, please read the interesting information below!

What is Sustainable Development?

What does sustainable development actually mean? What is meant by sustainable development is a development process that can maximize the available natural resources. Sustainable development also means development that is able to meet the needs of the current generation without endangering the health and safety of future generations just to meet their own needs. This means that economic development always utilizes natural resources and enables future generations to continue the current development.

Legal basis

The legal basis for sustainable development is Law 32 of 2009. This law replaces Law number 23 of 1997 which also discusses Environmental Management.

Sustainable Development Concept

This sustainable development is able to increase the welfare of life. Welfare is one of the concepts of sustainable development. In addition to this concept, there are other concepts that are being promoted, such as the development that can increase renewable natural resources, or maintain the quality of human life, both now and in the future. The next concept is to use natural resources as well as possible so as not to be wasteful and damage the environment. The last concept is to manage natural resources well and can be used in the future.

Principles of Sustainable Development

After knowing the concept of sustainable development, it is important for you to know what the principles of sustainable development are as follows:

  1. Economy

    The principle of sustainable development from an economic perspective is able to provide an increase in the skills of workers which further enhances competitiveness. With increased competitiveness, it is hoped that the community will be able to get decent jobs and earn better incomes. In addition, it is able to support the creation of basic infrastructure such as property, water systems, and the like in information infrastructure.

  2. Energy

    Energy use must be made more efficient for sustainable development. There are several methods you can do to save energy, such as the following:

    • Using renewable energy more optimally.

    • Save the use of available energy sources.

    • Prioritizing the development of mass transportation.

  3. Ecology

    The next principle is ecology. Ecology is an environment that is continuously conserved as long as it is sustainable. So that environmental conservation can be carried out optimally, there are several things that can be done, such as ensuring there is green open space, making transportation systems and buildings well integrated.

  4. Engagement or Participation

    Sustainable development must be carried out with the participation of the wider community and the government must be able to provide facilities. The community must play an active role in the process of sustainable development. The government can also be a facilitator of community empowerment and able to accommodate the aspirations of the community.

  5. Equity

    Equity is the main target of sustainable development. This development is expected to be able to reduce the economic gap. In addition, by adhering to the principle of equity, all members of the community can get equal opportunities.

The Goals

The OJK official website states that the sustainable development goals are called SDGs or sustainable development goals. This program has been running since 2015 and is a sustainable program for the Millennium Development Goals. Some of the goals to be achieved with sustainable development are as follows:

  1. Eradicating poverty.

  2. End hunger and achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

  3. A more prosperous healthy life. Able to promote healthy living and support well-being at all ages.

  4. Achieving more inclusive, decent, and higher quality education.

  5. Gender equality and empowering women.

  6. Build strong infrastructure, encourage innovation, promote sustainable industrialization, and so on.

  7. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

  8. Taking important steps on climate change and its impacts, and much more.

Sustainable Development Indicators

Not many people know what are the indicators of sustainability. Well, there are five sustainability indicators that are important for you to know, such as ecological sustainability, economic sustainability, social and cultural sustainability, political sustainability, and defense and security sustainability.

Examples of Sustainable Development

To make you understand better what sustainable development is, you can find some examples below!

  1. Factory Construction

    In building a factory, one must pay attention to the economic, social, and environmental sectors. A factory needs to create jobs to improve the local economy. Factories need to create jobs to improve the economy of local residents. Factories can provide training to improve the skills needed by the industry and distribute social assistance to communities in need.

  2. Gold Mine Construction

    Another example of sustainable development is gold mining. This type of development can create job opportunities in the surrounding environment. For the development of a gold mine, it is important to pay attention to the social sector of the community. For example, empowering and assisting other facilities for the surrounding environment.

    The development of gold mines is also important to pay attention to the state of the surrounding environment. For example, paying attention to former mine excavations and closing them using soil again so that they are not harmful to the surrounding community.

  3. Office Development

    The next example of sustainable development is the construction of offices. As the name implies, offices are used to improve the economic sector and open through employment. Offices can also provide assistance in the form of training for the community so that they can compete in the world of work. It is used to fulfill the social sector of the concept of sustainable development. Offices can use renewable energy, for example using solar energy or PLTS which is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

PT SMI (Sarana Multi Infrastruktur) as a Special Mission Vehicle that Supports Sustainable Development

Sustainable development requires large funds and financing. Sometimes financing is the challenge in sustainable development. But fortunately, now there is PT SMI. This infrastructure financing company is able to provide large financing with many advantages.

PT SMI is here to complement banking services and provide alternative financing for infrastructure development. The presence of PT SMI is not to compete with the banking clan or financial institutions. PT SMI believes that funding sources do not only come from local and international banks. By entrusting your infrastructure financing to PT SMI, it is easier to accelerate infrastructure development and sustainable development.


There are several reasons why you can make PT SMI a solution for your infrastructure financing. PT SMI has advantages in the form of a longer tenor of more than 5 years, competitive interest rates, innovative financing products, and finally a more flexible financing scheme.

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