Events 20 April 2019
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Synergy between PT SMI and Dompet Dhuafa to Support the Achievement of SDGs in Indonesia

PT SMI as one of the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (Ministry of Finance's SMV) once again received the support and interest of cooperation from Dompet Dhuafa to strengthen the implementation of SDG Indonesia One (SIO) in Indonesia. This synergy will encourage the efforts of both parties to realize more and more infrastructure development with the insight of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in the health and education infrastructure sector with a project value of more than USD8 million. SIO is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance that was executed by PT SMI by presenting an integrated platform that combines public & private funds through the Blended Finance scheme to be channeled into infrastructure projects related to the achievement of the SDGs. SIO will enable the creation of wider benefits for Indonesia, such as: (1) mobilizing & coordinating the role of Government partners, (2) increasing access to funding sources, and (3) reducing the Government's fiscal burden in financing various projects oriented towards achieving the SDGs.
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