Events 19 July 2019
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Town Hall Meeting Q2-2019: Working with Millennials? This is the Right Tips from Wishnutama

Co-Founder of Net Mediatama (NET.) who was appointed as the Creative Director at the opening of the Asian Games 2018, Wishnutama was the guest star of PT SMI's routine agenda, namely Town Hall Meeting Q2-2019 in the PT SMI Hall (07-17). "In this relatively unique millennial era, the world changes, the mindset also changes. We need the other options to earn their respect by showing the value, wisdom, and passion that we have. There is a big challenge! ", Wishnutama said when opening a sharing session in front of SMIers (PT SMI's employees). According to him millennial is a productive asset for a company where millennial is the main key. When they are so proud of the institution they work for, they will become very loyal and totally produce new innovations. At PT SMI, the percentage of millennial SMIers reached 69% or around 206 employees out of a total of 299 employees. This has become very relevant to the experience sharing session delivered by Wishnutama, considering the millennial generation has become the most dominant group in PT SMI. In addition to PT SMI's performance report, this time the Town Hall Meeting also announced the winners of PT SMI's ID Card Design Competition, which comes with a modern, minimalist and professional touch that is characteristic of millennials. There is also a socialization of the Risk Discovery Program and the Waste Management Social Media Competition which is certainly loved by millennial SMIers. "So the old doctrine such as one-way communication must be changed, now millennial has an alternative communication, so we cannot know. The value behind the batch must be built, "said Wishnutama.
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