Press Releases 07 March 2022
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Transition of Duties of the Members of the Board of Directors of PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) as per March 1st, 2022

In accordance to PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (“PT SMI”)’s Board of Directors Regulation No. PD-007/SMI/0222 dated February 25th, 2022 (“Board of Directors Regulation”) concerning the Eighth Amendment of Board of Directors Regulation No. PD-26/SMI/1217 regarding the Division of Duties and Work Guidelines of the Board of Directors, PT SMI has stipulated the transition of duties of the members of the Board of Directors of PT SMI as follows:

  1. Edwin Syahruzad as President Director
  2. Darwin Trisna Djajawinata as Finance & Operations Director
  3. Faaris Pranawa as Public Financing & Project Development Director
  4. Sylvi J. Gani as Financing & Investment Director

This Board of Directors Regulation shall be effective as of March 1st, 2022.


For further information:

Ramona Harimurti
Head of Corporate Secretary
PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero)
Tel: +6221 8082 5288
Fax: +6221 8082 5258
Email: corporatesecretary@ptsmi.co.id
Website: ptsmi.co.id

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